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With immense experience in successfully implementing numerous business practice, InvenTrack meets the current and future needs and challenges of Inventory Management in Business across the globe. We are the only most innovative organization to have implemented InvenTrack “RFID Inventory Management Solution” in all HF, UHF, Hybrid technologies with flawless and feature rich interoperability.

Awesome Features

InvenTrack Is A Solution That Fits To Your Complete Requirement , Manage Your Inventory With Single RFID Reader Available For Online/Offline Mode.


Tagging Items

This is the process of issuing tag to the items which uniqly identify the item.

Real Time Inventory

Real Time Inventory is the Key feature of our InvenTrack solution , It update the inventory with their respective location(Location may be user defined or Geo Location as per the version of Licence purchased.) in real time.

Search an Item

We can search an item by its id/name, to increase the efficieny and reduce the turn around time it shows the last seen location where we can search for item.

Missing Items

Missing items shows the list of all missing items in last inventory

Mislocated Items

Mislocated items shows the list of items which are shifted from their own place. It shows which location item belongs to, and which location item is at present

Check In/Check Out

Checked out give authority to item to move out of premises and not included in inventory. Checked in gives authority to item to be included in inventory.


Inventrack also has a RFID and GPS based inventory module in which location of assets is their geo-location. Every asset is tagged with RFID tag and assigned some geo location. Each inventory will show the movement status of each asset.

Online / Offline Mode

InvenTrack supports both online and offline mode, it is one of the key feature of InvenTrack.Because of this feature inventory can be done weither there is network available or not.


InvenTrack offers security model which restricts the users to use those module which is related to their assigned role. Roles are assigned to user by admin.

Scope of Customization

Our Engineering team at Netpaze Solutions has developed this product in such a way that any kind of customization required for your business process can be easily implemented.

InvenTrack:A Package That Automate Your Inventory Management

InvenTrack is a package of applications that meets all your requirements
It is a package designed to enhance your business result in intensified growth in efficiency

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We strive to give our clients amazing post sales support for the best in class customer experience.

Our project managers and experts are always in contact with you to let you leverage the solution without any hiccups.


Our project managers and RFID consultants will work with you to strategies the best suited plan for your needs.


Our agile approach is to work closely with you and focus on long term business objectives and needs.

Offline Mode

We provide you privilege for offline mode , which helps you in those area where the network is out of reach.

Geo Location

Geo Location based inventory helps you to find the item list which belong to that location and according to that list you can do the inventory.


Our turn key approach offers authenticated inventory status at your finger tips always.


Multiple reporting enhances business competencies in great magnitude to keep a track of inventory.

Our Process

We first try to figure out problem area of your business , then we customize InvenTrack according to requirement.


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RFID Based Inventory Management System

InvenTrack is a holistic solution for your inventory tracking needs that enhance your operational efficiency by multiple magnitude

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Why InvenTrack

InvenTrack is RFID based Inventory Management System which keep track on your inventory by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology.

Our Engineering team at Netpaze Solutions developed InvenTrack that meets current,future needs and challenge of inventory management business across the globe.

InvenTrack provides basic reasons for keeping an inventory by minimising time delay present in the supply chain from manufacture to customer at every stage requires maintenance of certain amount of inventory track reports to use in the latency between the initiation and execution of a process. Demands changes according to time, so this can lead to stock accumulation. Inventories are maintained as buffers to meet uncertainties in demand. The organizational and business situations at various levels, such business or manufacturing unit, were bulk buying movement and storing brings in economics of scale thus inventory is need.

Installation of InvenTrack in various industries increases their efficiency in multiple magnitudes. InvenTrack is a package of hardwares (RFID Desktop reader, RFID Fixed reader, RFID Handheld reader, RFID Tags) and softwares (Windows Application, Web Application, APIs , PDA Application (Window CE App/Window Mobile App).

Outline setup looks like server and client connection, where authorized person from an organization will control, Issue permissions to employee to handle inventory, In/Out movements of product, Reports for day/week etc.

Inventory starts by adding Location, Department, Category, item with in organization level in web application. For doing real-time tagging of products / location RFID Handheld or Desktop reader is used, user can login with their credentials to functionalities like issue tag to product, issue tag to location, inventory etc. Here tagging means mapping the product\location details to RFID tags. Inventory will update the presence of product within location in real-time and synchronize with server by using RFID Handheld reader to upload the data.

InvenTrack supports online/offline mode both which makes it useful for doing inventory in those area where network is not available.

Inventrack stands unique with additional functionalities such as search item, misallocated item, missing item, and check-in/check-out. Search item can be done on both server and handheld device, But on server search item depends upon pervious inventory while in handheld device its real-time were user can enter item-id and start going through organization premises. Once item tag responds user can see message “Item found”. After each inventory user can see misallocate items/missing items both on server and RFID Handheld device. During tagging by default items are armed (check-in) which means item can’t move out of organization without permission. In case if item wants to move out of organization they should be disarmed (check-out).

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